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About Me

Who am I?

A 23 year old trying to find her place in the world and, in particular, the digital world. I am currently studying Digital Design at Vega in Cape Town. I strive to be the best designer I can be, constantly aiming to improve myself and my skills. I am passionate about illustrations and all things messy – I really enjoy messy craft and idea conceptualisation – hence the unnecessary amount of doodles… 

I am a hard worker and love being challenged; learning new things everyday is what keeps me driven. I would love to one day, have my own studio where I showcase my specific doodle style across different types of mediums.

My ideation is messy but full of creative opportunities

I am the type of person who has to write it all down on paper first

My Strong Suits

Although my portfolio showcases a lot of animation and illustration, I really enjoy concept development and forming the ideas behind the project. 

Rich storytelling is a passion for me as I love how visuals and design as a whole, have the ability to communicate beautiful stories and messages to others. This storytelling really showcases the power, uniqueness and individuality of creativity; it can be executed in so many different ways (each way unique to an individual).