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For this project, we were tasked to create an augmented reality that would link directly back to our own brand and its identity. We were challenged to create this AR in a way that would be entertaining and impactful for users.


“Like a daisy”

A daisy is a flower that is often perceived to be dainty and fragile when, in fact, it is quite resilient. This symbolises exactly who I am as a designer as well as an individual. I am regularly perceived to be a soft person as I care about honesty and express my emotions often, yet I am very resilient, determined and easily adaptable. Like a daisy, this brand means to stand strong through storms, which can be seen as the clutter of the world, and continue to communicate the importance of intentional, deep meaningful connections and messages. LIKEADAISY means to stand true to what you believe in even if it makes you appear weak.


The strategy for my AR experience was to create an experience that was entertaining, playful yet easily accessible for users. I really intended for a simplistic approach to be taken, limiting any unnecessary problems accessing the AR. The strategy for this was for users to simply be able to follow simple instructions to activate the experience but then to ‘sit back and enjoy’ without having to do anything else. Overall, this AR experience aims to link directly back to the personality and identity of my brand, LIKEADAISY, creating a sense of harmony throughout my brand and its works.


Augmented Reality experience for LIKEADAISY brand.

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