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Playful logo animation created for LIKEADAISY brand.

ClientlikeadaisyYear2023AuthorEmily WebsterShare


We were tasked to create a logo animation for our very own brand to showcase what and who our brand is through unique ways.


“Like a daisy”

A daisy is a flower that is often perceived to be dainty and fragile when, in fact, it is quite resilient. This symbolises exactly who I am as a designer as well as an individual. I am regularly perceived to be a soft person as I care about honesty and express my emotions often, yet I am very resilient, determined and easily adaptable. Like a daisy, this brand means to stand strong through storms, which can be seen as the clutter of the world, and continue to communicate the importance of intentional, deep meaningful connections and messages. LIKEADAISY means to stand true to what you believe in even if it makes you appear weak.


The strategy for this logo animation was to communicate the personality and intention of my brand through my typical design style, which has become my design identity. This logo animation is simplistic yet filled with charisma, which is what my brand is all about. Throughout this animation, it was important that there was a sense of consistency, linking my entire brand and its works together.