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Integrated Campaign


For this brief, we were tasked to rework specific projects that would be good enough to display in our portfolio. This chosen project was originally a group project where we were tasked to create an integrated campaign on any chosen social issue and/or brand, that could potentially be entered into the Loeries Awards but I have modified the concept into my own designs.


“Paws for a Breather”

This concept is a play-on-words, communicating the importance of mental health and how one’s mental health can be improved through an interaction with a dog. It communicates a solution as well as raising awareness to this very prevalent issue. The ‘paws’ indicates the involvement of an animal/dog and ‘breather’, indicates the relief (of stress, anxiety, loneliness etc.) one feels after having interacted with the dog. This concept communicates the very real issue of mental health without having to verbally mention it.

This campaign is intended to raise awareness as well as provide viewers with solutions to better their mental health; allowing them to actively take charge of their well-being. 


My strategy for this campaign was to create works that would merely elevate the Montego brand in a way that was refreshing, unique and playful as well as addressing this very serious topic. It was important that the content of this campaign address mental health in a way that was not over-done nor cliché; this campaign needed to reach and attract as many people as possible.


YouTube Advert

Campaign Merchandise

These poster designs were designed to emphasise the impact the presence of a dog can have, especially the impact they can have on one’s mental health. This is why the dogs have been illustrated into the composition as opposed to having real dogs in the design. One is able to view the design with and without the blue dog present which ultimately changes the narrative of the poster design. 

An integrated campaign created to raise awareness of mental health in a refreshing and playful way.

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