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For this brief, I was tasked to create a promotional video for Vega School, promoting the uniqueness and goals of this institution, to high school students. It was important that the video be entertaining and inspiring, creating an interest in the minds of these individuals. 


“The Power of Progression”.

In exploration of this concept, the analogy of the principle of progression arose: “The principle of progression is the idea that the value of a house increases when more valuable houses are built in the area”. This analogy is the driving force of my concept. The houses that are mentioned, are a metaphor for individuals that one surrounds oneself with or even works with; in this case other Vega students. This communicates how important progression is and how this progression is influenced by those around us. This concept further expresses how we so often learn from others; we all have unique ideas and ways of thinking and with that, we can all grow/learn from one another, ultimately progressing forward.

This execution addresses the challenge of the brief as it successfully communicates who Vega is as a brand and what it is Vega offers to students. This execution not only communicates unique selling points of the institution but the character animation visually symbolizes the inclusivity, creativity and authenticity of the brand. This execution showcases a character that embodies Vega visually and figuratively, as well as the unique students who study there.


The strategy of this piece was to communicate a playful and unique animation through the use of illustration. The 2D character was to encapsulate all that Vega School tends to be, visually representing the institution and what it offers, as well as the types of students it accommodates for. This animation aims to be simplistic, allowing for its visuals to communicate rich storytelling and a deep sense of meaning to its audience.


2D animation promoting Vega school and its unique offerings.

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